VW LSD Tear Down
Peloquin LSD removed from a VW 020 Golf Transmission in for rebuild. In general we don't see many mechanical issues with these. It's best to tear them down if they are exposed to any debris. It doesn't seem to hurt them but it will introduce that debris back into your fresh rebuild. We have installed all major and a few odd ball LSDs in 020, 02a, 02j and 0a4 gearboxes. Our favorite is the US made Peloquin shown here. vw race gears
vw race gears
Here you can see potential areas for debris to collect. The general machine work and attention to deal on the Peloquin is superior to the other brands. Gary (Peloquin) offers a lifetime warranty. We have installed these for SCCA, street & strip racing. We have only seen two Peloquin failures. One was run low on oil and the other looked like the owner was stuck on ice and single tracked it for thousands of miles. We have seen several Quaife failures. Almost all were where the sun and planet gears pit. vw race gears
vw race gears
Once disassembled it's easier to use a puller and remove the carrier bearings. vw race gears
Thrust area on trunnion shaft or sun gear. This area has a tendency to wear. vw race gears
The above shaft thrusts in this area on the LSD housing. If one is bad the other usually is too. vw race gears
This Peloquin gear is in great shape. We have seen several other brand torsional type LSDs wear heavily here. vw race gears
Cleaned and ready for the top housing. vw race gears
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